God Does Not Blink

…I ask you…

What if the only reason we are born to this planet, to these parents and into this family is to learn the lesson of love for those we communicate with daily so that we can then share the inner peace that love brings to all? When we love unconditionally, which means no abuse in any form, controlling behavior, condescending attitudes, critical remarks, judgmental know it all words, negative beliefs about life and opinionated behavior that says we know everything then and then are we learning the lesson of love.

Abuse is any form of words or actions that upset another person you claim to love or even towards a total stranger. You are upset how your life is going and you lash out at another because you feel that you have the right to project onto another pain because you yourself feel fear and pain in your reason for being. Tears only make you angrier because you are not connected to the nourishment of your soul to soften the blows in life. You have denied yourself for so long that you have become this person that lives daily in fear of life. You are abusive to yourself by the thoughts in your mind, the words that come out of you mouth and your actions stem on cruelty because you are a time bomb waiting to blow up. In the end, you forget that you love this person, that this stranger is innocent and doing the best he or she can and that you have no right to treat anyone the way you treat yourself with fear, pain and a total negative outlook…

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