God Does Not Blink


Controlling becomes a way of living your life because for some reason you have this need to believe you know what is best for everyone due to the many regrets when you reflect on your own life. However, trying to control another by telling them what to do, punishing and getting angry because you do not agree with their choices and how they are living constitutes that you are once again projecting onto another your fear and pain. The words floating in your mind are ones of regret and remorse, “what if I had done this or that?”

Once again, you are unhappy because you believe you know what is best for another due to the fact on how you believe you have messed up your life. Your choices in life are for you to mend and for you not to assume another has no right to choose for themselves.

The bottom line is that all you need to do is to learn the lessons from all life experiences and nourish yourself. Forgive yourself and let the past be released so that you can meet your soul by becoming aware…

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