God Does Not Blink


Condescending behavior stems from the belief that you are better than another. However, this is just once again the fear that someone might be better than you. God has created us all equal and it is our belief that we are either prettier, thinner, wealthier, smarter and better than each other. You create this attitude toward people who cross your path in life and even with people who are your family and friends because somewhere, someone took a look at you and told you that you were inferior to them. Once this seed gets planted and watered, sometimes daily it grows into the deepest of roots of your being and you cannot break free because the fear and pain eat away at you.

We are all believers in one form or another that someone else knows more than us. When the truth in life is that we are all at different levels of consciousness. We have been able in prior lifetimes to learn certain lessons and now we are here in this lifetime as well to learn certain lesson that we can carry forward as that part of who we are that is connected to God…


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