God Does Not Blink

…Judgmental thoughts toward yourself fill your mind because of the regrets you carry from yesterday. Slowly there is the discovery of blame towards your parents especially because you believe that they did not guide you, support you and instruct you on how to be happy. Some of us blame our parents for everything because we refuse to look at the choices we made.

But what if, your parents that you chose gave you life so that you can discover with the gift of ‘free will,’ all that you can be. Look at your parents and imagine that they were raised  by parents that were raised by parents that all did the best that they could at a time and place they were born into. In reality there is no one to blame or to even judge because you are born ino a body with a mind that has soul to take with you form past lifetimes that goodness and memories mixed up with the lessons you learned are to carry  you forward  into this lifetime to create with God a life that is filled with love, joy and happiness.

Within you is a passion, a gift that will fulfill your life experience at this time. To judge another is to scream at God that He is doing something wrong. You cannot possibly know another’s reason for being born into the family he calls his parents,  and so forth because you have no way of knowing his past lives. One must remember that noting is as it seems…

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