…There comes a time in life when the soul leads the heart to know the truth of the mind. It is then that inner peace is felt and the truth of one’s belief system is that there is nothing to be said because the essence of connecting to God is more important than being right. One cannot be right or wrong when one believes only God knows the truth of each reason for being.

The mystics of yesterday that prayed and vowed silence at times filled with a belief of being simply one with God all of the time. To pray constantly throughout the day is to offer the heart of the mind and soul, as well as, the body up to God. To know and believe that there is only God and life in truth is only a test to see how we handle the situations in our life.

The fear of the mind, the guilt of the body, the shame of the soul and the grief of the heart fill the lies of the voice to create an illusion one is not able to see and an attachment of false belief for all. What are these fears but that one is inferior because the body betrays us to pleasure it which allows shame to take over the soul for the actions performed. WIthin reason the heart fills with grief for what is and for what is not while the voice speaks of dishonesty and disbelief creating lies we tell ourselves as well as whose we lie to. Before one is aware we are unable to see the truth and illusion is easier to live with as we attach who we are to the materialistic wants of life.

All in all God is the last thought and the ego equals all the fear we fill with as a means of controlling who we are and how we treat another. Unless in some way God is evident in the daily creation of belief in our lives there can never be the voice of love to be heard.

This is the truth of the reason God does not blink because he waits for us to experience the lesson we came here to learn from so that we can go within and be one with Him …

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