LA Believes

This is the beginning of a new time for everyone as we begin 2013!

I find that I have travelled slowly into this new year as if I am in a trance.

I cannot move any faster no matter how I try. It seems to be a moment in my life to be grateful for the relationships I treasure and the joy and abundance in my life. Here I sit this Sunday almost half way through this first month in the  new year and I am in awe of the life that I have lived.

For many years I felt that I was just a wife and mom…a housekeeper! Now I look back and realize that those years were the best times of my life. Today, I miss the simplicity of loving, nursing and nurturing my babies. The smell of clean clothes as I washed and ironed everything. The many hugs and kisses when their little arms clung to me. Yes, I say to myself I have lived a great life. I have loved and I have been loved and I am loved.

Why not at this time in my life reflect on all that has taken me to this page and share the joys of all that I have experienced. I believe that much is taken for granted in life and the chaos of beating the clock creates for many anxiety, fear and unhappiness.

I was told once by a very wise man to tell my husband to make sure that he, “stops to smell the roses…” I believe it is never too late to stop and breathe in the beauty of life that surrounds us.

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