LA Believes

Be Kind

Be Careful

Be Yourself 

Words on the back of a white tractor trailer truck in front of me the other day.

i found myself repeating the above words over and over to myself all day long. With a smile I knew in my heart that;  I am kind and I definitely for the past 15 years have grown into being myself. I may look the same and do the same things but I have transformed into more of a Spiritual being finally. Then I stop and ask myself, “this is who you have always been, right?” The answer I receive is, “YES” but, and there is always a but, in a silent way.

The rights of my being have finally been shown to me since 2004 by the choices and changes I started to incorporate into my daily life. I discovered the following belief system and hugged these beliefs tightly in my heart to gather the strength to do God’s work. I embraced the blueprint of my soul by the transformation I thirsted for.  In learning all that I have, I am free today, to that which no longer serves me.

i have the right to be here!

i have the right to feel!

i have the right to act!

i have the right to love and be loved!

I have the right to speak and hear truth!

i have the right to see!

i have the right to know!

I believe and trust that there is a process to life and sometimes I may not be “careful” –  this I am working on. I know that there is a reason for everything. The truck, the words, all in front of me was for me to take a second and embrace the powers that be. The power of the Universe, God, Divine Intelligence, Angles, Spirit Guides are with me. I am never alone and this fills me with love and joy for the unknown which is greater than I AM!

My wish for all is to be blessed with the renewal of this time of year through Easter or Passover. Happy Holidays!



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