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A door opens when we least expect it to. Many believe that when one door opens another door closes or when a door closes one opens! I believe that God knows the plan and gently prepares us throughout our lives to awaken to our passion which is our purpose.

I have always had a dream to be a teacher! Then a few years ago I dreamed of running a retreat for women! The greatest love in my entire life has been the written word. It matters not if I am reading another’s, keeping a journal or taking my pen to paper.  I love the entire process. Of course, one of my dreams was to be a published author since I learned to read and write.

Ever so gently God has held my hand and led me to be witness to the gifts of my soul. Like any parent He has awakened me from a sleep that opened my eyes to see that which I am capable of.  My journey has been one of discovery into that which I am passionate about and is definitely my purpose I now clearly see. I smile at His belief in me! I trust there is definitely a process to life and that we are all co-creators with God.

Clueless to His plan I let go totally of who I assumed I was to be in life and learned to go with the flow. I have walked with love in my heart forward through every door that opened. I have felt the fear and I did it anyway.

This weekend I help my very first Women’s Discovery Retreat through the Written Word! I created sacred space, prayer, meditation and ritual for these women from a Friday to Sunday. I taught them that which God has led me to know and share.  I am grateful to know to walk forward but I am wondering about the door that is closing.

I am a true believer that anything is possible when one connects to the light within. Every day I am giving the information I need to know by the simple questions I ask upon waking, “Lord, how can I be of service today! Show me who I can say yes to!”

Today I thank God for showing me the way to manifest my dreams, as a published  Author of Making Believers: Connect to the Light within, as a Spiritual Teacher but most importantly having me Discover my truth!

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