Wounds of the Inner Child …


The journey of discovery is becoming a Being of Love at some point in life. We become whole with passion and purpose. No fear, no addictions, no pain, no anger … Just love, contentment, health and joy! We are born as Love but life detours us with the lessons we come to learn and grow from. One can never go wrong if they always choose the path of loving oneself first, forgiving the fearful, sharing by being of service, and saying ‘yes’ to another with a heart filled with love. I find that addictions of any kind is key to most fear and pain as a means of self healing but truly all that is accomplished is a temporary escape from the reality of life. One cannot be of right mind if they are not clear of mind. Addictions of any kind fog the mind, affect the body and create depression and distress.

Many of us believe we are victims by another’s projection unto us of their fears. When another is verbally abusive, angry, or hateful towards someone they claim to love they are deeply wounded. We have become a society that accepts pain and fear as the norm. I believe that an abuser’s inner child is screaming to be loved. We all have patterns we have created to help us get through the abuse when we were young. Even if the abuser was not aware of the fear and pain their actions created in the home because it was how they were raised. The child develops a defense, a way of surviving and learns the path of being one who abuses another as well. Unfortunately, we all learn everything that goes on in a relationship from our parents. Whether it is a loving supportive household or an angry, abusive one we find a way as a young child to cope with it all. 

But what about the abused? How do they survive the mental exhaustion, the tearing open of their heart and the draining of their tears? They seem to accept they did something wrong, they are not loved, they are bad. Simply that they are to blame period. The confusion fills their mind until they either accept this is their destiny or they walk away just to survive.

Sadly, where there is love there is a way. Alternative belief is there for all to discover their strength. Look within by the act of prayer, meditation or taking a pen to paper and release the demons through the written word. If you have any kind of addiction get detoxed, get to a meeting, get to a group. Communication is key in all relationships with honesty and the desire to truly hear another. The man or woman that was raised in an abusive home must realize that they do not have to be like their parent. If they felt abused as a child then let it go through finding that which works for them. There are many avenues to take to become a better person than how you were raised to be. Acceptance and acknowledgement of being abused is first.

I believe we have an inner spark that ignites when it is triggered by a similar moment from our past. Abuse of any kind becomes a pattern deep within and gets handed down from generation to generation. Here are two words to help you heal … STOP IT!

When we share our life with someone we love deeply and children enter the relationship why would we want to create a fearful, unhappy, suffering life for them to witness is a question that needs to be answered by the abuser as well as the abused. The truth is that many of our relationships have been chosen prior to our birth and we are here to be teachers for one another. If there is an inner ache of any kind that fills you and leads you to any kind of addiction know that you are first and foremost abusing yourself. STOP IT!

Pray, Meditate, Journal

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