Image“IAM possessive of myself and extremely protective of my passion…”

On this day Halloween 2013 I find myself reflecting on my children that will bring their children later to my house for me to see their costumes. Their excitement, laughter and joy will nourish me! Ages 5, 4, 1 and 1; I remember my own as they delighted in this day.

It is with respect and by choice that I have always treated my children. IAM still at  this age able to learn from them. It is our honest view of the life we live today that allows information between us to be shared. IAM their mother but IAM also a person they can talk to about anything. I do not judge them at all for I look at them at times as knowing more than I do. It is this trust I have in them that makes me realize their own strengths. When they cry – I cry! When they laugh – I laugh! When they love – I love! It is this sharing of life I have accomplished. I always believed I was a very possessive person but in reality I was led in life to be protective of those I loved. Only I knew them, I believed, and as I reflected deep down I knew they would be mine for just a short time. Now that they are able to protect themselves I see less of them but IAM called if an answer is needed.

It is the hardest part of being a parent when suddenly it is time to allow them to live their life which you brought them into the world to fulfill. I compare it always to when I taught them to ride a bicycle. As I ran by their side holding on to the back of the seat, I tried to judge the right moment to let go. If they fell, they jumped right back up to try again. As in life it is that moment a parent needs to let go, so that their children can try it on their own.

One must live their own existence and to do so, one has to make their own choices. My children have been guided by me to learn to choose. Life and living has a way of allowing this lesson to be born at an early age. It is the parent that respects and listens to their child that will see the choices a child is capable of even at an early age. 

I look at them today with love that fills my entire body. They do not see what I do for I have the memories of their youth forever implanted in my mind’s eye. It is with wonder when they appear at my door that I fill with delight. Is it not every mother’s dream that their child be productive in their life and happy? I have raised four exceptional children that are gifted and capable to know their passion early in life for I have let them always be true to the child of yesterday. It is this that puts a smile of love in my eyes for them as my heart skips a beat at the mere mention of their names.

Today I enjoy yesterday even more only because of the benefits offered by my dedication to being a mom and housewife. IAM forever thankful that I was allowed to accomplish this. This is the beauty of being able to do what one loves doing with passion and creativity. I can attest to the miracles I have been given and the dreams I dreamed of shall now be fulfilled all because IAM accepting and grateful for all IAM blessed with.


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