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The Shift!    The Change!    The Ascension!    A New Golden Age!

There will come a day when in the coming weeks the world as we know it will change. 2014 is the beginning of the New Golden Age for Our Planet. Please read the following excerpt that was transcribed by Kathryn E. May, February 24, 2014. 

Now, We wish to prepare you for the necessary upheaval which will inevitably result when the financial systems are in the process of changing over. There will be a short period in which the banking system may shut down, in order to institute the new, fair and free economic standards which are to be put into place. No more will every transaction, every trade, every loan be tailored to enrich the cabal which grew fat while the rest of the world was starving.

No more will hardworking people be forced into homelessness; no more will employment or education be akin to slavery. The human condition is about to change globally, and we are asking you to help usher in this glorious New Golden Age.

Life was intended to be beautiful on Mother Earth’s surface, but it has not been for many centuries. The abundance that was to be shared by all was so-opted by the few, bringing terrible pollution and degradation to her and causing disease and ill health to become the norm. You saw the effect of the chem-trails in recent weeks – aberrant weather patterns, devastating drought and crippling snowstorms, all caused by the arrogant manipulation of the natural world.

Here is the concern for the coming weeks: There may be a period lasting from a few days to a week or two during which the banks will be closed. Depending on the reaction of the populace, this will have a greater or lesser effect on all other elements of life, like food distribution, the transport and delivery of needed medical supplies, and even the ongoing stability of power, water and transportation. We hope to avoid any hysteria or panic by preparing everyone in advance to expect a certain amount of disruption and to prepare for it as much as possible.

You may have a day or two without your iphone, ipad or computer. You may experience a disruption in your cell phone reception or your TV programming. When all services resume, you will be ready for the massive changes that have been planned for you.

The following is excerpted from Prepare for Change.Net

Since we do not know the exact day, month or year of the event it would be wise to follow a few simple rules of precaution:

1. Keep an extra 2 weeks of food and water on hand starting now.

2. Make sure you and your loved ones have an up to date supply of any medicines that might be required. Keep extra cash hidden away at your home.

3. Gas up your vehicle when the tank is 1/2 empty.

4. Stay in touch with this website for updates.

5. Educate yourself, friends, and family members.

6. Get together in groups each Sunday and do the Planetary Liberation Meditation and focus on bringing in The Divine Goddess Energy. Info on

7. Be sure to remain calm and centered and to encourage others to do the same.

The Event will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet which will be physical and nonphysical planes.

On the nonphysical plane: There will be a big wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun going towards the surface of the planet. It will be a flash or special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity. It will calm humanity in the light of love energy and end duality. It’s magnificent energy not seen or felt before on earth. Everyone on earth will feel and know something has happenend. It will be a surprise as to when it will happen, even for us. It’s never happened before.

On the physical plane: – The earths military and police forces will move into action to insure there is no rioting and to safe guard vital infrastructure from false flag cabal attacks designed to create panic and fear based reactions.

– The arrest of the Cabal members who have led the way will be the most significant part of the event.

– The re-set of the Financial Systems / the entire central banking system and all banks computers will be shut down and will not be able to be brought online, so all banks will close until further notice.

– The main media stations will be taken over by civil authorities who will remove censors and cabal based programs and agendas.

– The beginning of a new fair financial system with prosperity funds and worldwide trusts for healing the planet will eventually be implemented.

– NEW Government / Political systems, Education system, Health care system, History lessons, etc. etc. Awakening of humanity slowly and gradually to the existence of positive non-terestrial races and our galactic connections.

– Introduction of new advanced technology.

– The Techniques for spiritual growth will be shared as we learn who we are and where we come from. We will discern our unique purpose and our life’s path will reveal itself to us individually.

– There will be artifacts bought forward from ancient repositories revealing the truth of man interaction with ETs in our recent history. We will understand our cosmic heritage. Ancient sites will unearth space ships from our past and we will have physical proof of ancient technologies.

– There will be a host of advanced healing technologies released which have been suppressed to keep the Cabal rich and you in suffering. Eventually the present medical system will alter radically in the light of more advanced forms of treatment.

– Free energy devices will be available for your home and car and an end to fossil fuels and other toxic technologies.

– Eventually public trails to expose what has been going on to insure a mass catharsis of healing and eventual forgiveness / criminals will get desperately needed healing and counseling for their distorted minds.


The actual arrests of Cabal members is intended to take no more than 72 hours on world wide action and enforcement sweep. However, the human element will come into play and the initial arrests may take longer. Still the entire process is expected to last no more than 2 weeks. There may be ongoing arrests of smaller fish in the months that follow.

During this 2 week time period the banks will have been closed. Hopefully at this time the media will have been releasing massive amounts of evidence of the far ranging criminal actions promulgated by those major players, both known and unknown to the public eye. This will be a relief for many and riveting news for all. Overall this will be a strong cause and impetus for change.

What will come next is up to humanity as a whole. How fast and how well humanity adapts to the revelations on the world stage in regards to the arrests of these criminals will determine the next stage of our planets growth.

Please take the time to go to the following web sites:

Please open your minds and heart to read this information and educate yourself. I personally met Kathryn May a few years ago and read her book as well, Who Needs Light. Know that there is a reason for everything. Know that you are a Spiritual Being. Know that we are All One.


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