LA Believes in Loving Life

I feel blessed in more ways than one. Truly the world of iPhones, iPads and computers fill me with joy. I am amazed by these toys to the point of excitement. It matters not where I am because I can talk, see (FaceTime), write and communicate with my children and grand babies. Always having a camera in my hand adds to the excitement of capturing memories for a lifetime. Shopping is a thrill as well! Did I mention that as an avid reader I carry many books everywhere I go on my iPad. In the past my suitcase was always too heavy because of my books – haha, not any more. Google maps and yelp take me to many destinations if I desire to use them. Truly I am loving life with these tools.

As a lover of the written word, I fill with happiness that at this time in my life there is such a variety of technology at my fingertips literally that I can use daily to read, journal, write and share that which I believe.

I would like those who are reading this blog to check out my new article, The Secrets of Our Soul which I wrote today on my iPad. So excited!


Pray. Meditate. Journal.

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    1. I didn’t realize it was an advertisement. I find it very exciting when my children and grandchildren FaceTime me, send pictures and all the other perks I enjoy with these products. Don’t forget I am of the generation that had 1 telephone in the kitchen and 1 television. I’m simply, “Loving Life!”

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