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The Walk We Walk on will enable you to know of the two emotions that control our choices in life. That love is our truth and fear is simply an illusion. I imagine many of us struggle with love on a daily basis because of the circumstances we have experienced growing up. Fear is familiar and we cling to it as an emotion we are comfortable with. Love was not a constant in many of our lives growing up so we ache for it. It is a struggle to understand why someone who claims to love you, simply fears you. In doing so, abuse, abandonment and attack is shared daily. Have we become a society of fearful humans, I wonder? What is the meaning of love for you?

Love for me means that constant gut feeling that says I know I am loved because I love myself. With that belief I embrace and love all because I am witness to the fears of yesterday that embody who they believe they are. We all have relationships in life but know it matters not who they are with but how we feel when we are with them. The emotion must never be fear!

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