… Why do we react (blink) to every word that we do not agree with?

Is it possible to not blink as God does?

How do we stop, look and listen without getting into a confrontation?

God does not blink is my mantra now when someone believes they have all the answers and know everything. It allows me to smile at myself and realize only God knows what is going on in any situation at any time.

Kabbalah teaches that we react to others in situations and create chaos and pain to enter the relationship by getting into a conversation that can only be deemed confrontational. The battle begins and the words that are spoken and painful in some form or way once said cannot be taken back The tears well up, the anger is ignited and fight begins. Everyone believes they are right. What if what one is arguing about is truly of no importance but actually a waste of time, energy and words. In reality it all comes down to someone being right and someone being proven wrong.

In the past I prayed when I felt a confrontation was upon me. I felt the attack and the words of abuse but I centered myself and in my head I prayed a Hail Mary. It calmed me and took me out of the moment so that I could not react and release the other person from what they wanted, which  was a fight to prove they were right and I was wrong. It is very easy to forget though and sometimes before I knew it I was talking too much and getting too heated. Talking too much and feeling the heat rise is another lesson to learn to be silent and not confrontational. Sometimes we all need to let go and let God …


Negative language stems from a belief in negative thoughts and behavior. Negativity is fed and nourished to exist by abuse that was part of your life experiences which led you to be controlling because you feared what happened to you could happen to another. However, the controlling then leads you to be condescending and critical as well as judgmental towards those you travel through this life experience with.

This negativity leads you to be opinionated because fear is your religion and love is not possible in any way or form because your life is not what you expected it to be. How do you believe you have the right to harm another in any way or form? You may believe you know but only God knows who we are, who we can be, why we are here and what lessons we need to remember and incorporate into our lives. God loves us unconditionally and that is why He does not blink …

God Does Not Blink

…Judgmental thoughts toward yourself fill your mind because of the regrets you carry from yesterday. Slowly there is the discovery of blame towards your parents especially because you believe that they did not guide you, support you and instruct you on how to be happy. Some of us blame our parents for everything because we refuse to look at the choices we made.

But what if, your parents that you chose gave you life so that you can discover with the gift of ‘free will,’ all that you can be. Look at your parents and imagine that they were raised  by parents that were raised by parents that all did the best that they could at a time and place they were born into. In reality there is no one to blame or to even judge because you are born ino a body with a mind that has soul to take with you form past lifetimes that goodness and memories mixed up with the lessons you learned are to carry  you forward  into this lifetime to create with God a life that is filled with love, joy and happiness.

Within you is a passion, a gift that will fulfill your life experience at this time. To judge another is to scream at God that He is doing something wrong. You cannot possibly know another’s reason for being born into the family he calls his parents,  and so forth because you have no way of knowing his past lives. One must remember that noting is as it seems…

God Does Not Blink

Being abusive towards someone by the words we speak is just as abusive as being able to hit someone. What constitutes Abusive language? What constitutes Controlling language? What constitutes Condescending language? What constitute Critical language? What constitutes Judgemental langugae? What constitutes Negative language? What constitutes Opinionated language? The answer is a single word that coves all of the above – ignorance.