LA Believes

I received a word this past week that allowed me to look at my life differently! It was just a whisper, gently heard from within but the word “PAUSE” stopped me dead in my tracks. I had to agree as I smiled, “yes, my life is on pause…” Simple and clear it was time for me to reflect, renew, and remember. I had always just moved forward in life asking no questions just going with the flow. I remembered that I never wanted for anything yet I received everything I could ever want or imagine.

As I write this Sunday, I sit in the window seat of our cabin in Upstate, NY watching the snow fall ever so gently on the mountains and treetops that surround me. It is silent in the cabin I have named, “The Palace,” as I breathe in all that I am witness to. I believe I have a connection here, on this land to Mother Earth which started as a child. As I reflect on yesterday I see that little girl I was, learning about the beauty of Mother Earth from her dad, who was an avid walker. I remember we walked everywhere our feet could take us because my dad did not own a car, otherwise we took buses and trains.

We walked through the streets of our neighborhood, the streets of Manhattan – even the Bowery and it was at a young age I learned of the homeless and forgotten men and women of our world. I was amazed and a little afraid at the men and women who approached us, but my dad told me to hold his hand. I would be okay, these people might have been doctors, lawyers, nurses and they just lost their way but they would not harm us.

The greatest of these memories is the times we went to Coney Island and a neighborhood park in Greenpoint, New York which I believed was called McCarron Park. It was there that my brother and I had our own trees that we had chosen and which we climbed and hugged when we visited. I would try and run so fast once we entered the park to try and beat my brother to our trees.

I no longer walk as much as I have in the past, I no longer climb trees, but I do still hug them! This land that we own 155 acres renews me and I believe my appreciation, my love and joy in Mother Earth stems from my dad.

This past week I journeyed to the life I have lived to reflect on who I am today. I learned that I need to renew myself, to pause and just remember how great my life is and has been. This I believe in my heart but I know it stems from deep within my soul.

I also remembered this week that as a little girl, a teen, a young woman, wife and then mother I did want to be a writer for I have always been an avid reader. I wanted to tell stories that in some way would and could put a smile on another’s face, maybe let them reflect, renew and remember.


LA Believes

This is the beginning of a new time for everyone as we begin 2013!

I find that I have travelled slowly into this new year as if I am in a trance.

I cannot move any faster no matter how I try. It seems to be a moment in my life to be grateful for the relationships I treasure and the joy and abundance in my life. Here I sit this Sunday almost half way through this first month in the  new year and I am in awe of the life that I have lived.

For many years I felt that I was just a wife and mom…a housekeeper! Now I look back and realize that those years were the best times of my life. Today, I miss the simplicity of loving, nursing and nurturing my babies. The smell of clean clothes as I washed and ironed everything. The many hugs and kisses when their little arms clung to me. Yes, I say to myself I have lived a great life. I have loved and I have been loved and I am loved.

Why not at this time in my life reflect on all that has taken me to this page and share the joys of all that I have experienced. I believe that much is taken for granted in life and the chaos of beating the clock creates for many anxiety, fear and unhappiness.

I was told once by a very wise man to tell my husband to make sure that he, “stops to smell the roses…” I believe it is never too late to stop and breathe in the beauty of life that surrounds us.