WARNING: It’s Time to Wake Up!

"When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." - Maya Angelou There are many different relationships that we will all live through. Some we will survive, and others will damage us beyond repair. Does one need to ask himself, 'Why?' That magic word that tears at our heart when we cannot … Continue reading WARNING: It’s Time to Wake Up!

The Ultimate Guide to Processing Loss

There is sadness, and an ache for all that will never be. The loss is part of life as change is the process. Nothing ever stays the same. We live, and we die. We discover, and we make choices. Sometimes they are excellent choices and sometimes they are not. My thought is about processing the … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Processing Loss


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME ... Daily I awaken to the wonder that surrounds my existence. Feeling blessed for all the experiences I have journeyed through in life. I am aware that not everyone believes as I do. I wonder why? As I travel forward on a ride that has filled me to many levels of … Continue reading THE WONDER OF MAGIC = PLAY


As I travel forward on my journey in this second month of the new year I have taken time to heal. Suddenly on December 22, 2015 I had severe pain in my solar plexus. Finally being admitted to the hospital I had to have an operation to remove my gallbladder. I was released on Christmas … Continue reading LA BELIEVES IN LOVE


LA BELIEVES I have written the following Articles this past year and would love some feedback. Thank You! http://EzineArticles.com/?id=8580893 Are Miracles Possible? L I F E Is A Journey of Discovery The Game We Play In Life On Planet Earth Nothing Is As It Seems What Is The Truth of Love? Life As We Are … Continue reading LA BELIEVES

LA Believes

What am I looking for? I have Asked myself. Those who I love and cherish have also asked this question of me!In the past I was looking for my belief in life, is the answer I was given. At this stage of my path I wanted answers to yesterday's life. It seemed to me that … Continue reading LA Believes